Top Dog

At, we’re all about being open, honest, providing helpful feedback to each other and giving recognition when it’s deserved. One of the best ways we acknowledge great work is with our Top Dog initiative.

Traditionally known as an ‘Employee of the month’ award, our Top Dog award gives the team a chance to celebrate their peers and all of the hard work they’ve put in for the month.

Each month, all employees have the opportunity to nominate up to two people for excelling in one of our values- Customer-Led, Team-Spirited, Making each day count and Game-changing. Then on the first MMM of every month, one of our Senior team will read out all of the nominations and announce the Top Dog of the month.

The Top Dog winner gets the golden dog trophy on their desk for the month, a personalised coffee mug to keep and £30 to spend on lunch. We also have a really groovy dog hat and mittens that the winner will wear for a photo that will go up on our Top Dog wall in the office.

The best part about this award, it’s a great way for everyone to hear about achievements and wins that maybe aren’t so publicised and it starts off the week with that warm fuzzy feeling.